A few months ago, Hubba and I made a decision to book a resort getaway to one of our newest hotels in the region, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. It seemed to make sense visiting a Bill Bensley, since I’d also seen and loved the design of Indigio Pearl in Phuket.

It was supposed to be our annual couple’s retreat, sans baby. But we’d been working ourselves quite hard of late and it just so happened that the week before we were meant to leave, Hubba and I both had separate work trips to Jakarta crop up. We felt terrible about not really being there for Bug and we were both racked with guilt about leaving for six days, so right after checking in for my flight to Jakarta, I trotted over to the SQ counter and booked an infant flight so Nae could come along with us too!

And you know what, we may not have had enough couple time but we sure made some quality family memories!

monkeying around at the airport

adoring mummy, of course

on the plane

Each day, we’d go swimming – one of Nae’s absolute favourite past times – and she was truly in heaven. It was really funny seeing her pick up the ways of holidaying as well. Every day, she’d go to the door and point out and say, “pool! pool!”, when she wanted to swim. And whenever we called for Room Service and she saw someone at the door with a big basket of food, she’d proclaim, “mum-mum! mum-mum!” It was so amusing seeing what she picked up throughout the trip. She was also really great with the hotel staff, saying “haiiiii” and “bye bye” whenever we came and went. They must have thought we had a monkey though, coz she sure had a lot of bananas.

on the first morning she woke up and said she wanted to “walk walk walk” around the villa

truly daddy’s girl

she swam at least twice each day

wanted to explore with her hat on

was happiest whenever we stopped for a snackie

oh wait no, happiest when swimming

watching the rain, with daddy

The resort did not disappoint. I may have seen the pictures a million times through work but each and every day, I still felt like I was in paradise. Built into the side of a cliff and surrounded by marble mountains, it was incredible and breathtaking right up till day six.

beautiful view

our villa

our bath area – nae loved our daily baths

very private

outdoor shower area by the pool

the l_o_n_g bar

beautiful detail


nae never got bored of planet trekkers

play for me, please, mama!

yummy anti pasti

these were amazing


It was exactly what we needed – time to do nothing but laze around. Obviously, with Nae in tow, we’d tag team and give each other moments to grab a bit of alone time. Hubba did lots of rock-sitting and contemplation, and we both took time out to count our blessings in Life and look at all the negative in a positive way.

“It just goes to show how much can happen when I sit on rock.”

Every one needs some time out.

I’m just so glad we did it as a family.

our only family shot

12 Responses to Escape to Danang

  1. jackie says:

    hi janice!

    would like to know which camera you are currently using.. the colours and focus are amazing


  2. dsparklingb says:

    Naomi looks so happy!! And the place is fantastic!

  3. R says:

    Hi Janice, looks like a really nice getaway! May i know what kind of food did Naomi eat during this holiday? I also have a little one who is about the same age as Nae and am planning for a villa holiday too but am unsure what kind of food i should pack or am able to order prepare that is suitable for them.

    • Janice says:

      The hotel pretty much as children’s menus and she just ate from there. She’s quite a non-fussy baby when it comes to food. Often time she was just eating off Mummy’s plate too!

  4. Denise says:

    Hi Janice, which room were you staying in? thanks!

  5. Elle says:

    Dear Janice, the resort looks amazing and now I want to take my mother there! :) Could you please tell me which airline you flew to Da Nang on? I have been searching for flights online and they’re either really expensive, or don’t fly there daily?! Thank you!

  6. Marie says:

    The resort looks beautiful! You should check out The Siam, he designed it too if I’m not wrong and it’s beautiful.

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