A few weeks ago, Audrey sent out an invitation to the Elly Lantern Carnival. I thought it’d be a really nice way to get the kiddies together and for Nae to do her very first lantern walk, so I signed us up for the little event and got a bunch of her little friends to go too.

Of course, all the kiddies wore their best Elly togs for the evening so it made for a bit of fun for the mums and their cameras. Anything for a bit of cute photography, eh?! Sorry, terrible I know.

Here’s Nae with her little pals, Beanie, Mia and of course, her one and only boyfriend, Hunter (with his harem).

Not been able to hang out with my Mummy pals much since returning to work, but always great when we do manage to catch up!

Bumped into adorable friend, Maia, who gave her a big hug

This was taken by Uncle Merrill – my little one sure is growing up fast!

Checking out pretty baby Karissa and her very pink throne (You’ll get one soon, Nae.)

A baby I mean, not a pink throne.

She was trying to convince Beanie to ‘share’ her carnival tickets

Unfortunately Nae was more interested in the popcorn and ice-cream than she was in the games

Sharing a tiny little moonlit moment with Hunter

All in all, I think she had a super time. Thank you so much to Audrey and the guys at Elly for organizing the fun event for the little ones. I think they had a nice time!

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