We’d been talking about doing a little trip on the Tiger Too for ages, so when Angela decided to make a date on Hari Raya, I was so excited about the trip – especially since all my favorite girls (and boys) said yes and locked in the date!

Of course the one thing I struggled with was whether or not to take my favourite little girl along. Hubba’s not a big fan of all things that float on the sea – So going boating wasn’t his idea of fun. But I was so keen to let Naomi have a new adventure and being 4 months pregnant and solely in charge of an active toddler on a moving vehicle wasn’t my idea of fun either, so he did some bargaining on his end and we ended up going as a family.

A somewhat cheery Daddy with a smiley snack monster

sisters with said snack monster… evidently still snacking

ahoy mateys!

sharing a moment with my bubs

If there’s one thing I love about my girlfriends, it’s that I actually know them all from three different chapters in my life and have friendships with them all individually. I’ve never seemed to be great at being part of ‘gangs’, perhaps ‘coz I’m innately pretty introverted – believe it or not – but I love how they’ve all come together and become friends with one another in their own ways as well. And somehow the moments we share together, and with our men who are all wonderfully individual as well, are always really special and treasured – at least by me.

I love ’em gals

with ma gal gracie

looking like a beached whale next to my mate mel

Nae loves Auntie Jojo

I think we were pretty fortunate that Uncle M invited us along for the ride. Not many would get such an opportunity, I’m sure. We owe him a bottle of scotch or something!

I was also really happy that my little one seemed so adept in the water. She giggled and laughed when she came into the sea with me and bobbed around happily whilst the waves swept us further from the boat.

don’t try this at home, kids

hopping on board with Daddy once she got tired of bobbing… and mummy got tired full-stop!

She also didn’t seem to have much of an issue with the bobbing, so I think she must take after me!

Can’t say the same for Daddy though…. I reckon it’s probably the first and last time we’re out to sea together as a family!

4 Responses to All Aboard!

  1. Erica says:

    I still think it’s funny that Andrew doesn’t like the water much when he was actually in canoeing for a bit back in AC!

    • Janice says:

      He said canoeing in macritchie was fine coz it was completely flat. And that his motion sickness has seemed to worsen over time!

  2. Denise says:

    Just read your posts and found out that you’re pregnant again…congrats! I feel so excited and happy for you (((:

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