We have a baby girl on the way and her name is Charlotte.

I know some people think it’s bad luck to talk names and personalities before the baby is born but to me, she’s already a person. And I’m looking forward to meeting her.

Nae’s excited to be a big sis, I think. She kisses and pats my belly when we talk about babies, and says baby’s name is “Charlie”. Well, I taught her that but it sure convinced her Daddy that it was the perfect name :)

Nae also pretends to bathe my belly in soap and shampoo to “help”, and tonight she lay in bed and pat her baby doll to sleep.

I think she’s going to be an amazing sister.

Meanwhile…. In the spirit of celebrating individuality but also being a realistic and recycling mum, I have decided that Charlie’s colour scheme will be fairly similar to Nae’s: Brown and green – but instead of pink, Charlie’s room and anything new we do get will have a hint of purple.

They will be very different, I’m sure.

I wonder what she’s going to be like.

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