It isn’t easy being away from my family these days, especially when I’m leaving four significant beings in my life (don’t forget the longbottoms).

This particular trip to the UAE was longer than the others have been this year. And whilst I was glad to have the opportunity for the work experience, I couldn’t help but once again wish I could split myself into two so I could be in two places at once.

And who knew FaceTime was restricted in the UAE? Thank God for Skype, I managed to see my lovelies a couple of times amidst the craziness that was this trip.

My little one is old enough to know where Mummy’s gone too. She knew Mummy had taken a “plane” at the “airport” to “Doo Bye”! Clever girl!

One Response to Thank God for Skype

  1. charbot says:

    She’s so cute!

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