** Update: This item has been sold.

I bought this bag from Beverly in 2010 when the girl was selling it off practically brand new. Since then, I’ve used it a number of times on special occasions but it’s mostly been sitting in my wardrobe because since Nae’s arrival, I’ve just not had the heart to use it. I completely even forgot I had it!

I’m no bag connoisseur but what I loved about it was that it is the same pretty eggshell colour as a Tiffany box and is made of soft lambskin as well. And I guess I wanted a bag that would dress up my usually very simple get-ups. These days, I forget that I have it and it sits mostly in my wardrobe but mostly because it’s too small for me for work (I’m a bit of a work auntie and carry Man bags more than anything) and I’ve not carried it with Nae for fear of staining it.

So I’m looking to find a good home for it now. Here are some pictures of it that I took over breakfast this morning:

a full shot of the bag

close-up of the leather and product tag

close-up of the strap, unscuffed

close-up of the leather

And because she’s more fashionable than I am, I’m stealing a fashion model shot of Beverly which she shared when she was showing it to me.

Comes with leather framed hand mirror, dust bag and authenticity cards. Measurements are 13″ x 2″ x 6.

It retailed at US$1,245 at Barney’s originally and I purchased it for US$950. I believe the colour is now discontinued.

Selling for US$650 inclusive of local delivery after bank transfer

Email me at email[dot]ickle[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested!

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