When most friends heard we were doing some major decluttering during the Christmas period, they declared it a nesting period. I suppose it made sense – I am pregnant and we were using my annual leave period to clear out our study for Charly’s arrival. But  we were really just using Satinah’s absence as an opportunity to get the house organised again, especially since I feel like I just don’t have the capacity for projects like this when I’m back in the office. Not whilst I’m waddling around anyway!

Must say I think we did a great job and I was thankful that we did it because it really reminded me what a good team we make. Yeah sure, we both got a bit crabby at times. But we were both pulling for the same cause and it just strengthened the bond further. Plus little Nae got in on all the action, and she ‘helped’ (well, pretended to anyway – her help was really a little more work for me) with the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the floors and just helping Mummy decide what to (not) throw out. I could see my little self in her all over again… Keep! Keep, Mummy! Keep! I’m really brutal when it comes to culling things these days, a trait I probably picked up in my boarding school days when we moved rooms every single term and my uni days when we moved apartment every year, but when I was little I do remember being a compulsive hoarder. Any ol’ thing my Mum or siblings wanted to cast off, I would keep.

I think she had fun helping us out. The poor doggies weren’t so impressed though – The sheer amount of junk we were throwing out and moving around the house made them think we were moving house again, and Rosco would sit whimpering in a corner. I think he was pretty relieved when he realised we weren’t going anywhere!

Oh yeah, I got so obsessed with the whole decluttering process that I couldn’t help but do my desk at work too!


One Response to Decluttering

  1. Janice says:

    you should have done a before and after shot! i’m in decluttering mode too but somehow it’s not working out too well for me. Not ruthless enough especially with clothes. I must have given away 10 packets but there’s still heaps! i duno why. so strange haha

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