When I was 4, my mother sent me for ballet lessons – Why? I kept tripping over my own feet and it led to a nasty accident which involved me falling against the corner of a brick wall and needing 8 stitches on my forehead.

These days if you squint hard enough, you’ll still see the scar. The doctor did a good job of it and you can hardly see it now. But back in the day, it was a pretty sore sight.

I ended up dancing for the next 12 years or so, till I got to the point where other things in life took priority.

Somehow when I had Nae, I thought it might do good instead to steer her towards martial arts instead, so she could learn grace whilst being able to defend herself. But there are some things in life beyond your control.

Since she was born, her doting auntie has done her all to educate her on dance. And Nae has since decided she really likes it. So when her Auntie Jojo gave her a tutu for Christmas, she was simply delighted. “Ballet! Ballet! Ballet shoes,” she’d say. She was also given a pair of Capezio ballet shoes but well, those will need a few years before they fit.

Nae refused to wear her tutu at first – and only let me put it on when I told her she was off to a fairy party! What a silly little one. So off we went to little Mia’s Disney Princess themed birthday party – whilst everyone dressed as some form of princess and Mia was Tinkerbell, Nae went as a random ballerina….

Here she is, my little ballerina girl.

I have to say even tho I’m a bit averse to the whole pink princess thing, I really did relish watching her prance around in her little tulle skirt.

6 Responses to My Little Ballerina

  1. Yanz says:

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  2. Chetz says:

    Hey, Hunter was a random Tigger, so don’t knock being a random ballerina! And, for the record, I haven’t been doing my darnest to make her dance. Like, I never showed her YouTube videos or anything and I still don’t know how she made the connection to ballet shoes when she saw “ballet flats” in a magazine!

  3. alexis says:

    She’s so precious! So cute. (:

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