So I’m not quite sure what happened but I no longer have a baby in the home – not till Charlotte comes anyway – and I now have a little precocious chatty bum in da house. “No, Mummy. Need rest. Charly, too heavy,” she says. “Go there. Go away. In-de-pen-dent. Self.” And as much as I feel she can sound like quite a wise ass at times, I must admit I am quite amused by her antics and some of the things that come out of her mouth these days.

It’s always fun to look back on where we were the same time last year. I was probably thinking about Chinese New Year, and I recall Audrey coming to visit me with all these pretty cheongsams in hand. Nae wasn’t mobile at the time and I do remember thinking about how much fun it would be once she started walking.


I didn’t even think she’d really understand the concept of the ang pao back then. Fast forward a year, and look how far she’s come! We were lucky enough to participate in a mini photo shoot with her best friend, Hunter, the other week for one of Naomi’s favorite dress shops – Elly! Chinese New Year was the first time she tried the apparel last year, but I have to say she absolutely adores the prints. Every time we get her dressed, she will insist on wearing “this” dress. It usually is one of her Elly dresses.. Is it weird to have a 20-month old who’s so sure of her what she wants to wear?



You can check out their entire CNY collection on Facebook here. I hear it’s all going quick so best to get in touch chop chop! They’ve also got quite a range of cute prints outside of the range as well, so if you’re looking for new dresses which will also last the year, I highly recommend visiting the actual store at Cluny Court. Happy shopping!

Check out Elly on their official website here, read the blog here, or follow the shop closely here on their Facebook page.

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