I’ve always been a bit shy about my bump – When I first got asked to do a bump shoot, I didn’t even need to decide on what my response would be. It was a plain “no”, probably because all the bump shoots I’d ever seen consisted of some state of undress or other which I’d never, ever consider. I respect all parents or couples who choose to commemorate their intimacy with photos, but what can I say…. “I shy lah!”

So when Michael asked the same question, he got an outright “no” as well. Michael, an old gym buddy of our’s, was the one who documented Naomi’s ninth day in this world. They were really precious moments captured, and I love looking back on them and remembering how tiny she was.


“You don’t have to be naked in the shots at all, whatever you’re comfortable with,” he’d said. He sent me some suggestions and it made me think, hey, this could actually be quite nice – especially since I’m not sure if I’ll ever be pregnant again. So a bump shoot was scheduled, and after a few bungles – on my end – we made it to Michael’s studio.


These are some of my favourite shots of Daddy and Nae. Daddy is pretty much Naomi’s favourite person in the world at the moment, much to my green eyes. But I suppose there’s something about Daddy that Mummy can never match up to. I love watching them play and share that special bond though. It melts me to the core.


I must say that I was really quite happy with the shots and that Michael was pretty darn good at engaging the little one. She actually listened to his instructions and posed a little – She doesn’t engage with strangers all that well yet, so I was very impressed. I guess it helps that Michael is also used to shooting his own adorable son, James.

I’m really glad we caught Charly in the belly, and am looking forward to capturing her as a newborn too!

Check out Michael’s blog post on this – his very first maternity shoot – here. And his newborn shoot with Naomi here.

To book a session with Michael or to ask for more information please email info@gronow.com or call 9366 5972. Say ICKLE SENT YA!

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  1. Serene says:

    Janice, u look very pretty with the bump! :)

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