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11-inch MacBook Air
128GB Flash Memory
1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB Memory
NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB
Comes with purchased software installed:
Mac OSX 10.7.5
Microsoft Office 2011 Home Edition (Including Outlook)
Extra Accessories:
SeeThru Satin SPECK Case for MacBook Air 11″ in Black
TUCANO Work_Out Bag for 11

Price for all above: S$980.

(Keen on letting it all go together as there is no use in me keeping any of the above)

Email me at if you’re interested.

I must have purchased this MacBook Air just over a year ago. I recall being inspired by my ex-Boss in my previous role and got convinced to get one before I left. I already had a family iMac at home and wasn’t in need of a main hub computer, but was quite frustrated by the lack of mobility at home. I was also just very itchy because it is so lovely and light, and wonderful for someone who loves writing, surfing, etc.

I’m quite a heavy cloud user, so I never used my Air for any sort of storage. That all went on my main iMac, which lived in my study. It was also a really good travel companion, and it’s come with me on many a trip.

Now that I’ve given up my study for Naomi’s big girl room, and my iMac has pretty much died, I’ve had to look for an alternative hub solution. The husband and I, based on individual work-at-home needs, have also decided to go for dual laptop solutions. So now that I have a MacBook Pro, there is little need for a dinky portable alternative.

The good thing is I’ve kept everything top notch – as usual. It’s running on Lion OSX, and I only just replaced the power cabling in December because I felt the other one might be getting unstable. I had purchased Microsoft Office 2011 and it is installed fully with Outlook (which cost extra). I also have a black Speck cover for it which has protected it pretty well, and a Tucano Work_out x Netbook case which I’m happy to let go with the device.

Good grief, this is a pretty good deal right here!

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Brand new cables and all

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Wiring isn’t even kinked yet

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The ultra slim SeeThru Satin SPECK Case in Black

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View of the keyboard

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View from other side – tiny scratch visible on letter C

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All packed up neatly in box like new!
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