A grom or grommet isn’t necessarily a beginner surfer or biker but a YOUNG surfer or biker… usually under the age of 15.
Most of the time people that are called groms are young ‘uns who RIP (are good)
“That little grommet bikes better than I do.”

Since the beginning of time – or at least since Nae came to being – Hubba’s always want to have a little grom in the house. He was very disappointed when she didn’t seem very interested in her Strider at the grand ol’age of 13 months (!?!) and I explained that she would have had no clue what to do with it, seeing as it was way too heavy for her and she didn’t know what sort of sensations she was meant to be feeling without going out on regular rides with Daddy.

True enough, once Nae started riding more with Daddy with the iBert, it was like she was hooked. “Cycling! Cycling!” she would say.  She even started asking to go to the bike shop, which I thought must have been a sneaky brainwashing job on his part. A trick to get Mummy to spend more time in bike shops over the weekend, perhaps? But Daddy swore this wasn’t the case. (They’re at the bike shop right now browsing, as we speak. Tsk.)

Then one day whilst shopping at Mums & Babes, Nae climbed onto this Bug trike thing and started moving around. She seemed to enjoy it so much that Daddy decided he just had to get it for her – And she is absolutely hooked! She gets on it every chance she gets and is either scooting around at home or insisting on pootling to the car when she’s on her way somewhere. She loves it! It wasn’t even all that expensive too. I’m so pleased. And of course, Hubba is just over the moon :)

“So maybe we do have a little Grom after all.”



3 Responses to Daddy’s Grom

  1. Chetz says:

    Haha didn’t realise it had a bug face!

  2. Jem says:

    That last picture… She definitely has a grom face haha!

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