I’m having a really good morning.

I feel like I’ve been working hard enough that things are as on track as they can be.

Our helper is working out fantastically. We get along well and there is a feeling of utter ease at home.

Hubba and I are in the ‘let’s not take anything for granted’ type of mode at the moment, which is always great because I feel like we’re both calibrated the same way and that’s just always good.

Nae is 22 months old and I am having the most amazing conversations with her. This morning we chatted and giggled in bed for about half an hour, and when she heard Daddy come home from cycling she sprang right up, pranced around the house announcing, “Daddy’s back! Daddy is back already!”

Rosco and Sally are in good health sans allergies and getting along famously with Naomi. They’ve also been incredibly manja with us and it makes me wonder if they know we will be adding another to our pack soon.

I am sitting at the breakfast nook and feeling…. Like I’ll be entering the next phase. Very soon.

Wish me luck.



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