I remember distinctly feeling very uncomfortable all day the day I went into labour with Naomi.

It happened when I’d already gone on maternity leave, and I spent most of the day sat in the study thinking about how all I felt like doing was holing myself up in the study and not talking to anyone.

I did that for most of the day and when a sweet neighbour popped by for tea, I was happy to see her. But when Tania saw that I had to pause and take a few breaths all throughout our conversation, she immediately predicted I would be going into labour that night.

And she was right.

By 7pm, I had called the husband home from his MBA class and we were off to the hospital with my contractions being 4-5 minutes apart.

This time around, I am extremely confused. 

I am just about 36 weeks along now and had not intended to be on maternity leave till 20 March. But since last Friday, I’ve had a very odd time with regular tightening but also contractions which have left me a little frustrated, quite exhausted and completely befuddled.

Last night, we actually thought we were there. I’d been contracting since 4pm and had gotten to a stage where I really had to focus on breathing during some of them. By 7pm, contractions were about 7 minutes apart, so I had a shower and some dinner and we decided to take ourselves off to Tanglin Mall to walk around and distract ourselves till I was a bit closer.

After a bit of walking, we sat down for some juice and cookies and I realised the contractions were now 15 minutes apart and indeed a lot more manageable than earlier. A little confused and disappointed – but yet relieved since I’m only 36 weeks – we decided to drive back home.

I figured I might progress overnight again so we just went to bed to try and get as much rest as possible.

This morning, I’m still extremely tired, my lower back still hurts quite a bit and I just feel like my body is very ready. But the tightening is just tightening…. so I continue to wait.

This second time is such an odd one!

Ah well, all I can do is wait around and be patient, and rest as much as I can till the real thing comes around I suppose!


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