When Naomi was born, I was hell bent on keeping her colours as neutral as possible – but it was a little difficult not to include dashes of pink in everything I did.

It’s just such an available colour for girls?!?! So her general colour scheme was pink, green and brown. I even put a mood board of sorts together so whatever I went for would follow a general rule of thumb…. As time went by though, a lot of her things got pinker, mainly due to the fact that she began choosing what the items she wanted. Sigh. Nevertheless, I thought I did a good job of not going too crazy on the pink in her nursery the first time around.


I had thought long and hard about what I wanted for Charlotte.

I think I had it on my mind since the day I conceived and the reason really goes back a long way.

You see, I’m a third child. I don’t mean in any way that I was deprived or sad or neglected, but as the third, it’s kind of a given that things like personality and originality aren’t going to take precedence when your poor mum is running around like a crazy woman for the elder kids, sending them to swim classes and ballet classes. You just sort of tag along in the backseat of the car, wear hand-me-downs and do whatever your older sister does, for convenience’s sake. I don’t hold any of it against my parents at all – I cannot imagine how busy life must have been, trying to keep up with careers, cleaning, caring for your parents and then three kids without any help back in those days. It sure makes me feel like a wuss sometimes when I feel bogged down and tired.

But still, I had this thing about wanting Charlotte to feel as special and welcome as Naomi did when she arrived in this world. After all, Nae paved the way for it all. Everyone fussed over her pregnancy, made plans for when she would arrive, and are still completely and utterly besotted with her. So I do worry about what sort of impact Charly will have on the family sometimes and whether I’ll be guilty of doing the whole ‘second child syndrome’ thing by not celebrating or making her feel as special as my first child. I did little things to make sure I would keep up with this, like opting for a full ultrasound package so we’d have every single scan of her as well (even though it really isn’t something you need), and purchasing a wifi slash 3G camera which I could use to capture moments efficiently, so that not every picture of her would just be of iPhone quality – hands full and all.

I knew I had to be practical. Everything Nae was given and bought can be used again. But what could I do to just give her a sense of identity whilst she became a natural victim of sibling hand-me-downs? Give her a colour.

It’s one of her auntie’s absolute favourite colours so I knew there would also be approval *wink wink*

Since most of her items included green and brown elements, which I still love, I decided to swap out the pink for purple. I created a mood board for her as well and well, transformed her nursery with just a few elements here and there.

nursery2Main changes:

  • Removed safari decals from crib wall and used bits of it for the baby change table area
  • Swapped them out for beautiful purple butterfly decals from Etsy (nursery bumper not shown here is still green and brown)
  • Took off animals from mobile and made some purple Martha Stewart mini pom poms which I put in their place (music mobiles are so expensive!)
  • Got a new brown rug for the nursery since old rug is in Naomi’s big girl room
  • Got a firmer Chevron print cushion for the feeding chair since the old polka dotted one from Ikea was so soft it used to make my back sink in
  • Got a little purple floor cushion for Nae which she could use with the polka dotted pillow (yes, Nae has a little corner in the nursery so she doesn’t feel left out when Mummy is feeding Charly)
  • A beautiful purple zebra lamp which was a gift from Auntie Jojo!

I was feeling very unsettled before my maternity leave started – but having had the past week at home and being able to boss the husband about, I actually feel a lot more comfortable about the nursery finally being in an orderly state and ready to receive the baby.

And I’m really quite excited about spending the time in here with my two kids :)




3 Responses to Charlotte’s Nursery

  1. Chetz says:

    What about the purple fairies???!!!

    • Janice says:

      I told you I don’t know where they’re going to go yet! Need to find a place that’s going to be safe. It’s very heavy you know. It may go up later when Charly’s a little bit older and the room gets transformed so it gets a safe hang!

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