You would have seen a little flat cushion on the floor next to a crate of books in my post about Charly’s revamped nursery.

Well, Aunties Audrey & Carol of Elly just had to make it even better by gifting Naomi and Charlotte with a gorgeous bean bag by LouBeLou!!


Now, Naomi gets to choose where to chill out when Mummy spends time on the chair in the nursery, whether it is to read pre-birth or to feed her little sister later.

“Nae Nae’s sister Charly in Mummy’s tummy,” she said this morning. A major heartmelt moment.

We’re definitely all set to receive her little sister.

Here’s another gorgeous gift from Aunties Audrey & Carol…. Matching sister tee and onesie, once again by Elly.

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