N: Mummy, can I come downstairs and have some pear, please?

J: Isn’t it bedtime? You’ve already eaten.

N: Want pear. Please?

J: Alright, if Mummy cuts you some pear and lets you have it, will you go to bed after?

N: Yes!

J: Okay, come down then.


Whilst having pear….

N: Mummy, I go to Dr Chiam’s room.

J: Oh yeah? What does Dr Chiam call you? What does he say when you enter the room?

N: “Hi, sweetie! Hi, darling!”

J: And then what does he ask you to do?

N: I wash my hands. Then open mouth! Ahhhhhhh….

J: Oh, very good.

N: There is a man in Dr Chiam’s room. He is moving.

J: Oh? *puzzled* What is he doing there?

N: Moving. Moving around. *mimicks movement*

J: Is there a TV in Dr Chiam’s room? Is there a man on the TV?

N: Yes.


J: Okay, you’ve had your pear now.

A: Are you ready for bed now, Nae?

N: Yes *big smile* Go upstairs now.

J: Good girl. Night night, love.

N: Night night, Mummy.


I am so in love right now.





One Response to Conversations with Naomi… at 23 months

  1. Chetz says:

    Such a clever girl!

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