The first few days of being a Mother can be said to be a very dull affair.

You’re pretty much held hostage at home by both your baby and your recovering body, at the mercy of your mother’s orders where diet and nutrition are concerned and just performing cow-like duties for the new bubs. If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, no one can really help take the load off you in terms of the sleep deprivation as you tend to every cry and whimper in the night. And well, if you’re not a first time mum, there’s also #1 to think about. You don’t want her (or him) to feel neglected so as much as possible, you want your partner to tend to every need that you’re not able to.

But you know what, it’s totally worth it.

I’m definitely finding that this time I’m a lot less hung up about the way I’m meant to be feeling or what is meant to be happening. I’m taking the word ‘rest’ quite seriously and up till yesterday, I pretty much refused (non-family) guests – both in the hospital and home – to ensure I didn’t make the mistakes I made the last time (being too social and not resting). I am taking naps whenever I possibly can and not being too gungho about doing anything strenuous.

What helps? Having a really supportive partner in crime. When Nae was born, time was not a luxury that Hubba had. He was plugging away hard at work and doing a part-time MBA whilst at it, so as much as he tried to be there for us and to help, it was that much harder for him to pick things up. This time, things are different and he’s been able to. And boy, it makes such a difference. I’m so thankful for it.

Charlotte is turning out to be quite a character. She sure seems feisty when she’s mad?! I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better. It’s funny, I was so afraid of not being able to love her as much as Naomi, but the moment I looked into her eyes I knew I had so much more love to give her.

Being a mum is awesome.


Meanwhile, our little girl is still the sweetest thing ever. She has started going to pre-school daily – instead of twice weekly – and is becoming a bit of a wise-ass :p She yaks on and on, and who am I kidding – I love it! She does say and do the darnedest things.


Nae seems to be taking very well to having a little baby sister at home. In the morning when I’m half comatosed in the nursery from a bad night, she waltzes in and when she doesn’t see Charlotte in the cot, she says, “Mummy, where is baby Charly?” She wants to put her sister on her lap all the time so she can pat her, and whenever I’m holding her she’ll loom in for a big (somewhat violent) baby hug!!


Sigh. I’m having a “very smitten by my babies” type of day….. Shall leave it here. Goodnight!

2 Responses to Less than a week in…

  1. Jennie says:

    They are both such beautiful children. Such an endearing post. Take care and rest well Janice!

  2. Eu says:

    Congrats! I just had my 2nd baby girl 2 mths ago. Just like u, I was very afraid that I wldnt b able to love her as much as my #1 but the moment I saw her, I knew my worries were unfounded :)
    Charly is beautiful. Congrats agn.

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