I never thought I’d become the type of mother who’d want to dress up with her daughter.

When someone first suggested it over Christmas, I laughed it off. And then I thought, why not? It’d be such a fun thing to do! So it started out with an innocent top and a bit of accessorising. The family thought it was funny, and I admit I was a little thrilled to have a little mini me pottering around. Plus people would say, “Aww, she looks just like Mummy!” This made me grin on the inside ‘coz people are always saying she looks just like Andrew =P

So when the nice folk at Not Too Big gave us each a pair of Holsters to wear together, I was amused. I didn’t think I’d ever wear anything so bling in my life! I also didn’t think Nae would take to the jelly sandals that well but she absolutely loves them! She insists on wearing them sometimes, even though they are a little bit big on her still.

20130412_165505Mummy & Daughter Bling

Excuse the feet. You can see I am in dire need of a pedicure…. Ooh, that sounds like such a good idea right now! But aside from that, you like?


4 Responses to Mummy & Daughter Bling

  1. Chetz says:

    I likey!

  2. iringngyeo says:

    i like that too! in fact i have just purchased 2 pairs for myself from them at their Vivo pushcarts.
    i have wanted to get something similiar that Nae was wearing for my girl, but its too big for her :( and i cant help it but keep thinking about that shoes.

  3. Bee says:

    Super cool mommy-daughter bling footwear, esp the one worn by the young missy. Shall check out this place for a pair for my niece.

  4. zhing says:

    i like it! :) maybe nae’s girlie-ness rubbed off you! you never struck me as a bling AND pink kinda gal! :) xx

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