Becoming a Mother again for a second time has been such a crazy feeling.

On the one hand I can’t help but wonder where all that time has gone. I look at my first child with such awe and wonder – I can’t even believe I am a Mother. Still! But at the same time, I’m so proud of the little person Naomi is becoming and I recognise getting her to this point has been such a roller coaster ride.

Charlotte has been comparatively easy thus far. I know I should not compare but I guess just in terms of mothering for the second time, the first two weeks have been a bit more manageable. Perhaps it’s because the sleep deprivation, whilst not easy, is not such a shock, and perhaps it’s because mentally I’ve been ready for the challenges which have come along. They say you’re a lot more chilled out the second time around as well. The challenge has been settling Naomi into our new little family…. But that’s another post altogether.

Michael captured us again in his studio so we could add another canvas to our wall. You’ll probably recall his two other studio shoots of us, capturing Naomi at 9 days old and our little family with a bump.


I love this particular session we did with him for a very simple reason… It’s shot with my absolute favourite colour. BLACK. I love how Charly pops out of the pictures and we all blend into the background. Here are a couple of a very proud Daddy once again… The funny thing about shooting a newborn is how risky it is. You won’t see it in these shots of course but Mummy got peed on once and Daddy got blessed with showers of blessings twice!



I love how teeny she looks in my hands. Somehow I don’t recall Nae being this small but she must have been because Charly was heavier than her at birth. Nae was taller despite being 200 grams lighter though so perhaps Charly is going to be petite like me, and Nae takes after her Daddy.

So we are now a family of four…. How on earth did that happen again exactly?!?!



Special thanks to Michael at Gronow Photography for his time and to his friend William. Like his Facebook page here.

7 Responses to Charlotte, 10 Days Old

  1. Chetz says:

    Oh my. That photo of Droo on the right side? That’s Nae’s smile right there!

  2. olimomok says:

    You have a gorgeous family. And those shots of itty-bitty Charlotte? Gawd I need another baby ;)

  3. Alicia says:

    Your lif

    • Alicia says:

      Your life mirrors mine at the moment as I became a mother of two 3 months ago. Juggling a toddler and baby is not easy at all. My first born is 2 years old, very similar to you as well.

  4. june says:

    I see more of you in Charlotte. Gorgeous pics!

  5. rachel says:

    Beautiful Family Janice! So amazing watching little Nae grow up and now with Charly… perfect!

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