Over breakfast this morning, my almost-two year old asked, “Mummy, when is my birthday?”

“Well, your birthday is next Monday but we’ll be celebrating this Sunday,” I said.

“Do you know where we’ll be celebrating?”

She answered earnestly with the name of the venue. I was surprised she still remembered since she’s only been there once.

“And all your friends are coming,” I exclaimed. “Do you know who will be there?”

“Beanie, Maia, Pakka, Carter, Hunter, Uncle Chris, Auntie Beverly, Sophie, Mia, Bake, Kai……. All YOUR friends!”

She went on with a grin on her face and I had to correct her before she added, “All MY friends!”

My heart melted and I could only think of two things:

(1) It’s so cute she thinks Uncle Chris and Auntie Beverly are her friends

(2) Who the hell is Pakka?



5 Responses to Conversations with Naomi… about her 2nd birthday

  1. Ed says:

    Perhaps pakka is the character from the show ‘in the night garden’? Jus guessing :)

  2. Beverly! says:

    I wonder how old she reckons Chris and I are ;)

    • Andrea Braeckevelt says:

      Bev, try asking! My friend’s 4yr old once guessed i was 8yrs old (what joy!). She later told me “Mommy is 5yrs old” – her mom is in fact a few years older than me.

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