My toddler is officially terrible. Strike that – She’s officially two.

Good God. Where has the time gone? Just yesterday she was born… Wait. Just yesterday her sister was born. The past two years of my life have gone in such a blur that I’m starting to lose track. Boy does having kids really make the time go by real quick!

So anyway, this post is backdated because Naomi turned two when Charly was just three weeks old. I always knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge celebrating her birthday in Charly’s first month and many asked if I would combine both celebrations. But I didn’t want Nae’s second birthday to be overshadowed by her sister’s celebration or vice versa, so I broke my “no spending” rule and threw her a gym party at Kiddy Fun. I needed a place that would be set up for me – I just couldn’t deal with any of it with a three week old in tow.


Unlike Go Go Bambini or Fidgets, this gym is great for toddlers since everything is padded and age appropriate. It also has a great party area with lots of seating for adults so I figured I’d be able to nurse in comfort if needed, whilst Nae is playing with her friends. I was able to play with my birthday girl and tend to my newborn at the same time. Perfect! Nae had a ball! She absolutely loves the place and all her other friends loved it too! Even her older Che Che’s enjoyed themselves. Success!!


babies2Don’t they all look like they’re having fun?! It was absolute madness! I loved how whenever someone arrived, I’d only see the parents coming through the door ‘coz the kid would be in the play area already! I don’t actually think I saw ONE kid NOT enjoying him or herself. It was a HIT and a half!!! And I think the fact that the kids could get around on their own as well meant that the parents had a bit of time to stand back and watch. (Steve just being dramatic!!)


All in all, a really fun day for the toddlers – even the ones learning to walk! Yay for Naomi! And yay Mummy for cheating this year and throwing a non-fuss but maximum-fun bash! It’s so lovely celebrating your child’s second birthday. This is the stage where they learn what a birthday is and they participate in the singing, the clapping and they actively blow out their own candles. It is such a beautiful milestone.

And I’m so glad we took the time to truly revel in it.


Ps: Elmo cake a gift from her doting grandparents and aunt. Isn’t it fab?




4 Responses to Naomi Turns Two

  1. Elaine says:

    A lovely celebration for your daughter. May I know where did you get the Elmo cake from?

  2. dieseldawn says:

    Jan where did you get that gorgeous nursing top? i’m on the lookout! xx

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