The past two Mother’s Days have been pretty uneventful. I guess mentally it made me think about my journey to Motherhood but more than anything, it made me think about my own Mum and how much she’d done for me over the years. It’s funny how much gratitude you have when you become a Mother yourself. It’s like you’re a bit blind to the fact before, no matter how grateful you are?

Anyway, I didn’t really think we’d fuss much this Mother’s Day. My lovely husband being the silly goof that he was forgot to book anywhere for lunch so everywhere was packed and we just had a simple coffee and lunch at Loysel’s Toy with our two sproglets. Naomi woke up and sang me HAPPY BIRTHDAY instead very merrily, which amused me and melted my heart.

But what melted my heart most was the next day when she came back from school. The teachers had obviously worked Mother’s Day into the curriculum and so I found this handmade heart craft thing on the table when she got home. I picked it up and when I saw “Naomi Loves Mummy” on the back, it made me smile.

Then my two year old sauntered over and very clearly and distinctly said, “HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!!!”

I almost cried!

A little re-enactment in this video, I just had to capture on Vine for posterity.

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