When you’ve got a baby with Eczema, using the right product is absolutely essential to ensure you don’t aggravate the condition.

From day one, little Charly’s skin has been rough and flakey. I remember Nae also having the same sort of skin condition at her age, and I am hoping that like Nae, Charly’s skin will clear up on its on in a few months time. There are a lot of reasons behind Eczema so sometimes it doesn’t quite go away. We were told that for babies who may have inherited either Mum or Dad’s sensitive nose or lungs, this shows itself in the form of sensitive skin in the baby’s early days. And this clears up once the child gets a little older – and indeed has either one of the two (or both) conditions above. This was true for Nae, so I’m hoping it’s true for Charly too.

So back to finding a good, natural product… Humphrey’s Corner is an all natural range specifically for delicate baby skin. There are no artificial fragrances added and what you smell is 100% natural – Aloe Vera, Rose, Chamomile, Lavender and my favourite, Rosemary. It’s working pretty well with Charly at the moment, but Nae is also a fan now although I think she just likes the cartoon sketches of Humphrey :)


SONY DSCLavender


SONY DSCChamomile (had to post this again as I loved the photobomb)

SONY DSCAnd Rosemary – our favourite

SONY DSCThey also do non-fragranced baby wipes


Here’s a recent picture of Charly I took a few days ago… Proof of her happy skin. Yes, she’s still got Eczema but with these products – and some moisturizer with ceramides that her paed prescribed – she seems fine for now. Keeping our fingers crossed though!

You can purchase Humphrey’s Corner at Robinsons or online at GlamoGirl.

Just quote “ickleoriental” when you checkout to get 35% off on all Humphrey Corner products! (Offer valid till 22 June)


One Response to Review: Humphrey’s Corner

  1. Angela says:

    I love their moisturiser on my little girl! Hope that Charly’s eczema clear up soon.

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