gambanyokuI’d first read about Ganban-Yuku therapy on Beverly’s blog. So when she invited a bunch of us along to experience it, I was game! I think Charlotte was 3 weeks old at the time and I was keen on getting some relaxation in to see if it would help boost my milk supply.

Gamban Yoku is a Japanese hot stone type of therapy which is meant to rejuvenate you as the place emits negative ions. The Anti-Oxidant Centre on Thomson Road is the only place in Singapore with this sort of therapy and you can either lie down and relax, or do yoga in these heated rooms. Just lying down for 45 minutes is meant to work off the same number of calories equal to a 5km run! Admittedly, I was keen on this aspect of the therapy too =P

But when we arrived at the spa, we were told we were going to do a yoga session instead! Needless to say I was completely game. I spent the whole of Charlotte’s pregnancy chasing after Naomi and really, not exercising at all. So I was super psyched to get on the floor and work it! (That’s not me in the picture by the way, that’s Chermaine who is all long-limbed and fit looking.)

The interesting thing about the spa is that it was completely built with anti-oxidant materials, which radiate negative ions and anti-oxidants all day long. I was completely amazed by Suli, who works at the spa – his skin is amazing. He says being around the negative ions all day, every day means his skin has gotten younger. And you wonder how come Japanese women have such amazing skin…!!! No kidding… There is an egg they cracked open and put in a bowl at the reception counter… It’s a few years old but hasn’t begun to rot yet. It’s mad!

If you’d like to try out this therapy, it costs $10 to trial the ganban-yuku therapy and $20 to trial the ganban-yoga session. Just contact the spa and mention ICKLEORIENTAL to give it a go. And if you want to paint your home with this anti-aging stuff, just quote ICKLEORIENTAL as well and you’ll get 10% off the price. Nice price to never grow old, methinks!

Important point to note for nursing mothers: Oh yeah, the heat and relaxation made my milk go BOOMZ!

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