The countdown to going back to work has begun – So when Dad said the folks were going to Hong Kong to visit some of our relatives and asked if I might consider taking the girls along, I thought “Why not?”. I can’t imagine when I’d have the time again once I get back to the rat race.

Hubba wasn’t able to come along as he had some things to sort out so I braced myself for the trip. But you know what, there’s no better way to learn than baptism by fire, I reckon. I figured throwing myself into the deep end would be the best way to know if I could cope – the way I see it, this is my family now so I need to be able to do it alone sometimes. And so… I took a deep breath and did.

I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what sort of travellers my girls are. They are so different in personality that it wasn’t a big surprise that they’re really different travellers too.

NAOMI is a very discerning little girl. She has an opinion on many things most of the time, and what amuses me is she’s just like her father when it comes to crowds and noise. She absolutely hates them. She’s not usually a stroller toddler but when she decides she’s feeling too over stimulated, she’ll retreat into the stroller and ask that I put on the snooze shade so she can sit inside in the dark and quiet.


Generally, she is quite a good little traveller I feel. But just like any toddler, she has her moments where she’s just tired and cranky and has had enough! The amazing thing though is that on this trip, she’d actually identify why she was melting down and tell me what’s wrong. “Mummy, I’m tired” or “I’m hungry”, which we could then address quite quickly. She’s not horrendous on the plane at all, but she does have trouble getting used to the cabin pressure. Although she did also say, “My ears. Painful.” I could then ask that she suck on her pacifier to make herself feel better.

I was quite worried she would meltdown when we were in any ‘proper’ establishments, but I was told she was very well-behaved and polite and that my colleagues at the hotel mostly looked forward to her arrival in the club lounge every morning :) So that’s good, right?

CHARLOTTE is a super non-fuss traveller. I guess it’s also because she’s only just turned 3 months, so there’s not much she can do but lie there anyway. But she didn’t get upset about the cabin pressure at all, even when she refused the bottle and pacifier ‘coz she didn’t feel like it. And she just watched the other kids around her melt down (her sister included), and with wonder too! I pretty much had to carry her all week in my Action Baby Carrier though, so Naomi could be in the stroller. She doesn’t like the stroller and was happy to fall asleep on me most of the time. Obviously, my back wasn’t very happy and I needed a big fat massage during the week!

Oh and she slept through to 7.30am (earliest) every single morning! I was so overjoyed. It was truly a holiday in the sleep department at least :) There’s something to blackout blinds…


3 Responses to My Tiny Travellers

  1. Chetz says:

    There is EVERYTHING to blackout blinds! LOL

  2. Julie says:

    we are taking BOTH the Dylan and Daphne to Khao Lak in August…i am abit scared thinking about it but..what the heck!

  3. Ed says:

    Can i know where to buy the ladybug bag that naomi was pulling? My 3year old saw nnwanted it too

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