At 26 months and 8 days, Naomi is a huge chatterbox. I don’t have much basis for comparison where kids and speech are concerned, but the things she’s saying these days are completely blowing my mind.

What intrigues me is she is now starting to quantify some of her statements, so not only is she talking in full sentences but her sentences flow with complete sense and reason. And that is what impresses me!

These are just some of the things she said today:

“Mummy, did you have a bad day today? (No) Did you have a good day then?”

“(On Carly Rose Sonenclar) I want to watch Che Che Carly singing. I need to Google it.”

“I had a good day. I like to go swimming pool. So much.”

“(Reacting to all the crumbs from her cupcake) It was an accident, Mummy. Sorry. I made a mess.”

“Goodnight Daddy. Thank you for taking me swimming today.”

“Mummy, I’m not sleepy yet. I don’t want to sleep. Can I have a story? Can you read Adam & Eve in Bible?”

And in the spirit of Nae is saying the darndest things…


Nae sauntered into my room yesterday with her hands full of ink. My immediate reaction was, “Oh no, Nae! You have such dirty hands! What happened to them?”

Her response? Because I want to like Uncle Randall. UH OH!

I also caught a silly video this evening. Marissa was off today so we were having beef hor fan for dinner. Nae decided that what she was eating was Sukiyaki – ‘coz she’s tried that once at her grandparents’ home. Cracked me up!


One Response to Quantifying Things @ 26 months

  1. Chetz says:

    Just like when she listed her reasons for not liking Goldilocks!

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