NOTE:  This is a marketplace post… I’ve listed stuff I’m selling at the bottom of this post. Read on!


It always strikes me as such a waste that you spend so very much on your nursery, only to find that your baby outgrows stuff at the speed of light anyway!

For a lot of items, I like to pass them on to friends who are also expecting but for others, you kind of want to sell them on since they did cost a packet to begin with. It all started when I fancied getting a Moses basket for Charlotte – We live in a duplex so climbing up and down the stairs so that baby could nap was a little bit unrealistic, so I wanted to be able to put her down somewhere safe whenever I wanted. But have you ever checked out the price of a new Moses basket? For something that lasts 2 months (babies outgrow them so fast!), I just didn’t want to stomach prices brand new.

But being a working mum, browsing the forums and Craiglist for what I needed was such a pain! There didn’t seem to be an easy place to go online in Singapore where I’d be able to search for items by category, or indeed sell what I needed to sell easily. You guys will notice that up till now I’ve done all my selling on my blog, but let’s be realistic. I’m not quite as prolific a mummy blogger as some of my friends so my results were limited.

Enter MummyMarket.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.56.40 PM

Click on image to visit MummyMarket

Not exactly the most snazzy of websites but you know what? I wanted something easy to navigate to view, buy and sell. I had no time to browse through lots of time-consuming chatter in the forums. I just needed to get in and get out.

So hopefully you Mums and Mums-to-be find it handy too.

There’s no money to be made here right now, it’s just a simple place for us Mums. And the more people know about this, the easier it will be to declutter your home and afford pre-loved things that you wouldn’t otherwise think of buying… So do me a favour? Please spread the word and share. And go register too!

And please LIKE our Facebook Page.

Here are some of my things that I’ve listed:

  • I’ve slashed my MICRALITE TORRO STROLLER down to $180 ‘coz I just need to clear my storeroom. Negotiable. Check it out here.
  • I’ve got a MEDELA HARMONY MANUAL BREAST PUMP at a mad more than half off, even though it was not used very much. Check it out here.
  • DWELL STUDIO DIAPER TOTE at a crazy price, here.
  • BRAND NEW MEDELA SOFTFIT BREASTSHIELDS  for your breastpump, here.
  • WELLDON SEAT MATE carseat protector for cheap cheap, here.

Thanks in advance :)

DISCLAIMER: I started conceptualising MummyMarket when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Charly and the first drafts of the site were put together a week after she was born but I just couldn’t get it off the ground – as you can imagine – as I was lost in la la land what with the lack of sleep. I panicked when I saw another Mummy’s Market surfacing on Facebook about a week before I went back to work. This site is no way associated to that Facebook page, which seems to me to be more of a Wholesale distribution type retailer who sells stuff for cheap and sometimes posts pre-loved items for sale. Apologies for any confusion but I wasn’t about to change my domain name and all for that reason! HAPPY LISTING!

2 Responses to MummyMarket for a neat and affordable nursery

  1. nat says:

    Yay to setting this up – it’s really such a breeze to navigate. Am definitely going to sign up and spread the word. :)

  2. janice says:

    Grreat Site!!! been wanting something like that to push me a little when it comes to decluttering! Posted on forums b4 but good gosh, the number of pages one has to flip before reaching your thread! U amaze me Janice, with the limited time u have (work, kids n all), u are able to come up with all these!? don’t u even sleep? haha

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