It has been an interesting three weeks.

I’ve been back at work and my focus has been on nothing but trying to settle back in and being the best mum I know how. Hubba also disappeared overseas for two of those weeks for training so sinking back in whilst shouldering the sleep deprivation alone wasn’t easy. But as a wise friend once said, “Struggling makes you stronger!”

And boy, was I struggling. But that was then, and I am in the now.

After what felt like a fairly productive day, I was able to scoots home in time to go pick my kids up. I had a few smiles and cuddles from Charly before I put her to bed, then I got to hang out with Nae, who put her arm around me like a buddy when I knelt next to her. I was able to read her a few books before we brushed our teeth together and I put her to bed. Then I somehow found it in me to strap on my shoes on head out for a run.

Sure, I plodded along. But you know what? Sometimes you just need to plod along.

Life can’t go at break neck speed all the time. And as much as we need to lean in, sometimes we just need to chill the heck out.

So it was good. My legs are aching, my head is clearer and… I just can’t stop thinking about how I should do this more often.

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