Let’s face it – Becoming a parent is pricy business. Pun intended.


So how cool is it that a toy company has put in place a way for parents to get a head start in life with their kids?! The

 Fisher-Price Early Learning Fund is meant for parents to kick off the first months of their kids’ life without feeling cash strapped, with a S$10,000 cash scholarship to be won when they purchase Fisher-Price toys. And Fisher-Price toys are kind of cool anyway – They’re usually bright and colourful and if they are musical, they’re not irritating. Trust me, there’s tonnes out there which can really grate at you….

Charly’s got this super cool sea horse toy at the moment which lights up, bubbles and hums at her at the moment and it completely fascinates her. If only she didn’t keep putting it in her mouth….!!

Here’s how it works…. From now till the end of December, you just need to buy a Fisher-Price product and submit the accompanying receipt, photo and completed form to win the S$10,000 Cash Prize. You can also win hampers worth $1,000! Not bad for a kiddy giveaway! Also check out this Fisher-Price Facebook page for more information on the latest toys.

Check out Charly and her seahorse :)


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