My mate, Michael, has got to be the best family studio photographer there is around.

Awhile ago, he asked us if we would be willing to star in a little online advertorial type video for his website – He’s taken such great shots of us in the past that we were only too happy to. Charly is no longer in the infant stage as well and the girls are interacting well, so we thought it would be a nice way to document the stage. The funny part of the shoot was all encompassing, so almost all of us had a bit of a starring role – all except Andrew, anyway. Think we decided he’d gotten his guns out once before and we’d passed that point in life =P

I had a bit of a glamour shot, which was a tad embarrassing. But Michael’s really good at telling you how to stand, how to push your hips out a la Kate Moss and I was lucky to get my make-up done by Dewi and I was wearing my dress by Yu. Somehow I didn’t feel as old and haggard as I actually do. Obviously I won’t be using these shots anywhere else but in the photo collage below – But at least someday I’ll be able to show my girls what I looked like when I was in my 30s and they don’t have to remember me as the old bag that I’m going to become, eh?


My favourite shots were of the girls. 

charlyOh hello! This is little Charly, who unwittingly looks like she’s got her boobs out. Poor little chubs. I’m sharing these anyway though coz looking at that little face just melts my heart a million. Hello, little face!

naomiThen of course, it’s my Buglet-no-more – Nae. In the middle shot, Michael’s asking her to look into the lens of the camera, saying there’s a fairy in there. Somehow it looks like she’s posing like a model, when that was not at all what it felt like during the shoot. In fact, we had to try really hard to get her to shut her legs and stop showing off her diaper!

girlsHere are a couple of them both. I was so worried Charly was going to roll off the stool but she was really fine – Paranoid mummy. Look at my girls…. I have GIRLS?!?!!!

allsansmeThe one shot I got of my three loved ones – I wanted something I could frame up on my desk at work. And this was just perfect :)

Needless to say, I’d highly recommend Michael for his work and the fact that he’s awesome at working with kids and babies. His studio has been renovated so it’s super conducive.

If you’re thinking of doing a shoot of any kind, just give him a shout at and tell him that I sent you.

Exclusive Offer: Quote “ICKLEORIENTAL” and you’ll get an 20% off the session fee. 

2 Responses to What an ickle family we’ve become!

  1. olimomok says:

    Gorgeous shots of your guys as always. Does he do outdoor shoots? Thinking of getting a family cum pregnancy shoot done soon :)

  2. trinacheyenne says:

    Just beautiful photos with beautiful subjects! :) xx

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