100 Days. 

This is what I’ve committed myself to.

When I first received the final call email for Selective Fitness‘ 100 Day Challenge, I was a little apprehensive. Let’s face it – I’ve only just gotten myself back to work 2 months ago – I am only just starting to get used to the pace at work again, and basically getting used to the whole ‘working mum, and now of two’ mindset. But then this is what the email said….

  1. This is not a diet program. The only good diet is one that you can stick to. We don’t do crash diets either and our focus is on building habits to eat fresh and whole.
  2. There is no pressure to exercise every single day. Instead, we work on implementing exercises that fit into your schedule. It is the quality of the workout and exercise that matters not the quantity.
  3. We don’t deprive you of your favorite foods but we do look at managing what goes into your stomach so that you can enjoy your favourite foods without the guilt.
  4. I won’t have a life for 100 Days. On the contrary, the program is designed to kick start lifelong habits and not to restrict or to deny you fun or happiness or make you a stranger with your friends. Better habits allow for better choices that would need to long term improvements in health and fitness.

I’m not out to lose weight – well, not drastically anyway. I’m sure it’ll go down if I only got off my arse and started exercising. Problem is, a coffee trumps water these days and Gin & Tonic beckons in the evening when I should really get myself out to run. I needed to get myself out of my own rut.


Enter my new coach – Chris.

I am told Chris keeps well on top of you. And while he is a good friend of mine, I’ve also gotten plenty of reassurance from his members that he does ‘nag’ you in a healthy way.

My first two goals for 20 days are simple and achievable:

  • Drink 8 cups of water a day

I’ve been so busy with the kids in the morning that by the time I get to work, all I can think of is coffee. And before I know it, it’s noon and I’ve done a whole half day (and full night) without water. How unhealthy??

  • Skip twice a week for 10 minutes each time

My other problem is having too many excuses not to exercise. I’m too busy. I’ve got meetings all day. I’d much rather see my friends. I need a drink. I’m too tired. Rubbish. 10 minutes isn’t going to take up much time. I just want to incorporate exercise into my life again. No more excuses.

And the community Chris has put together for the 100 day challenge really keeps you in check. Everyday, these 16 people WhatsApp what’s on their plate for the day, what sort of exercise they’re doing and the like… And even though I never planned to work on my nutrition and my diet, it’s inspired me to look at what I’m eating. While I’m not cutting anything, I’m trying to up the level of protein in the food I consume. And I have had a few ultra healthy meals which have made me go WOAH. 

A far cry from what I was stuffing down my gob when pregnant.

Here are a few examples of healthy things I’ve been eating whilst at my desk at work… Not bad at all huh?

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2 Responses to The 100 Day Challenge

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey Janice,

    You don’t need to lose any weight at all. I just saw you at jelita two days back with your family and you look great:)

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