…. has now turned into a crazy car-driving, wellie-wearing mass of pink with wings!

The husband was on childcare leave the other day when he sent me this crazy picture. At just under 2.5 years old, Naomi now likes dressing herself and doing things independently, but that also includes insisting on wearing crazy outfits and parading around the neighbourhood in it.

Okay to be fair, she just wanted to ride down to the bakery to get a cupcake and her favourite drink (Wheatgrass?!?!) but it still shows how zany she is. Andrew said she rode back from the bakery with her cupcake and wand in the boot of the car. Ha!

I kind of love it, but can’t help but laugh at how nuts it is at the same time.

She even insisted on going offroad with the car and stopped to check the equipment a few times. I think Daddy was secretly over the moon!

Andrew was so amused that he filmed the entire trip and well, I just had to make it into a movie.


5 Responses to Our Little Quirky Bug

  1. Chetz says:

    Didn’t I mention years and years ago, what an irony it would be if you two had a pink-loving girly-girl?

  2. Sabrina Chan says:

    hi jance, can i find out what program did you use for the video?

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