Sometime about six days ago, Naomi officially turned two-and-a-half.

I realise it’s been awhile since I’ve written about her – Well, more like I haven’t written anything at all in awhile. I’ve even been told I am ‘piss poor at updating (your) blog’! (That made me laugh.) But something happened yesterday and I just have to document it.

It was one of those very trying Sundays.

I woke sometime before 5am to an incredibly stiff neck and to an agitated and fussy Charly, who was just not happy no matter what you tried to do for her. She refused to settle after a poor helping of milk and no position was comfortable – lying down, sitting up, on mummy, on daddy. She screamed and shrieked. We worried about her waking Naomi. We tried for ages. I was in pain and just exhausted. Andrew was plain annoyed. Eventually, he threw some clothes on and decided he’d take her out of the house and for a walk. I felt bad for not offering to come along, but I was just so tired and seized up that I shrank back into bed and fell back asleep.

When I woke up again at 7am, Naomi was awake and hungry. Charly seemed a bit better but she still shrieked in irritation from time to time. I spent some time with her in the nursery while Andrew hung out with Charly downstairs and we played for awhile with a ball, which seemed to cheer her up. But something was eating her. I peered into her mouth and it all made sense – She’d cut two teeth on her bottom gum! She gets really loud when she shrieks though, kind of like a banshee.

The day pretty much continued that way.

Nae was fairly well behaved but like every 2.5yo, she just wanted our attention. We read books, we played with stamps, we took her for a walk with her scooter. Charly had terrible sleep all day – I put my neck out even further whenever I was trying to put her down. And at one point I kept her in a sling just so she’d get past an hour. Neck and back far from happy.

By the time dinner came round, we were running a little on empty. Nae – to her credit – had been a lovely chatty buddy all day. But when she fought tooth and nail to have her dinner, Andrew decided enough was enough. He had played nice and given her her favourite drink and she refused to eat anything so he took her drink away. No prizes for guessing what happened next.

Meltdown central.

She cried. She complained. She made excuses that she was tired and she really wanted to nap – which was bollocks seeing as how she’d woken up from a two hour nap.

After much protesting, Daddy took her to her room where she proceeded to pretend she was so tired she needed sleep. He left her and came downstairs and all was quiet.

But Mummy was concerned, so I snuck upstairs and peered into her room only to find her lying in bed with Dolly sprawled over her face. Wow, she’s really asleep, I thought as a crept back out of the room. I quietly took Charly into our Master bedroom and at this point, our little chubcakes was happy enough to sit quietly with me.

A few minutes later, I heard Nae’s door open. Her little feet made it to the top of the baby-gated stairs and she called down to her Daddy:

N: Daddy?
A: Yes?
N: I’m sorry I didn’t want to have my dinner, Daddy. I’m really sorry.
A: What are you going to do about it?
N: I’ll bring Patricia okay? (Her doll)
A: Are you going to come down and have your dinner now?
N: Yes, I will.

The exchange made me bawl. How does a 2.5yo understand emotion, time herself out, come back when she’s ready? I was so proud of her at that point. She had done what most adults I know are unable to. She had apologised with sincerity.

She finished all her dinner with a smile on her face.

When I told Andrew that her apology had nothing to do with me, he was utterly shocked! He thought I had instigated the entire apology which is why he was being such an arse about it when she called down at him. What a milestone. Since the apology, Nae’s been really easy to talk to and very understanding. You can negotiate with her and well, she now knows how to negotiate back. It is really amazing and interesting.


On a side note, who on earth is revving their car in our carpark at 10pm at night??!?! *daggers*


Photo by Uncle Merrill

3 Responses to The Apology

  1. Chetz says:

    Nae has high EQ as well as IQ. So proud of her too. Sensitive little sweetheart <3

  2. awwwww she is such a sweetheart!! makes me want to have my little bubs now :)

  3. Julie says:

    i wish i can say the same about Dylan but i think i have to start this time out system just so he and me get some time to calm down and speak rationally. Me included.

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