When I first started using baby carriers with Naomi, I was very against what was thought to be the more ‘crotch-hanging’ Babybjörn carriers. At the time, I’d opted for the Action Baby Carrier and Ergo. Very recently though due to lots of carrier time with Charly, I was recommended the Babybjörn Carrier One – a multifunctional carrier which was meant to be super comfortable for baby and mummy. And you know what? I’m a complete convert now. So much so that I immediately sold my other two carriers!

These were what I thought the benefits were/are:

  • Transferable weight distribution – When carrying baby for long periods of time, your back or hips or neck get really tired, especially when baby is incredibly sticky to Mummy! I love that the carrier is completely adjustable in many aspects so the weight can be transferred from shoulders to hips easily, and you can give yourself a bit of a break here and there. 
  • Carrying styles – You can carry the baby in the front (as pictured) but also comfortably on your back and on the side of your hip. With the ABC and Ergo, baby could be carried on your back but the straps would sit really awkwardly on the front of your chest, creasing your clothes and making you look odd!
  • Baby can face outwards – If you want your bubs to watch the world go by, she can! We took Charly to the zoo with it recently and she had a great time on Mummy whilst watching the giraffes and other animals go by.
  • Ease of use – There is a ‘baby pocket’ in the front of the carrier which baby gets clipped into. Really easy to put baby in and out with little fuss and no faff.
  • Easy sharing – Baby pocket does not change but waist strap and shoulder straps are super easy to adjust so Andrew and I share it no problem
  • Cool mesh – The material keeps Charly cool even on hot and humid days so she never gets hot and sticky (and thus fussy!)

I have been told that the carrier is considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of baby carriers, so it must be quite good…?!?!

The Babybjörn Carrier One is available in Mothercare, Motherswork, Kiddy Palace as well as online at www.pupsikstudio.com for S$369.

Don’t you think we both look comfy?


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