I realise it’s a little late to be contemplating my resolutions for the year but I figured I ought to put them down somewhere before I completely forget them altogether. By that, one would probably gather that my resolutions aren’t all that massive. They’re actually really bitty, unlike most people who may have mountains to climb, cancers to cure or lots of Christmas pudding they want to shed.


I’m keeping it simple. Here is my overarching resolution:

I want to get a bit more out of life this year.

I really don’t mean that having an amazing baby, becoming a mother of two, getting an incredible amount of satisfaction from what I was doing from work was at all uneventful. 2013 was definitely a mammoth year in those aspects. But like any new mother, I got a little lost. There were times when I’d just completely forget about myself… for days or even weeks. And when I finally remembered to think about me, it was a little too late and I’d be in a mess. How did I lose the baby weight? Pure stress, a lack of sleep, too much coffee which killed my appetite and really not a lot to eat at all. It wasn’t healthy and I didn’t feel good.

So yes, more out of life. I’d like to:

Make time for little breaks – no matter how small
I don’t think I left my desk at all last quarter. I had days when I’d completely forget to drink water or go to the toilet and I’d just literally be at my desk all day. Needless to say, a little part of me died along with the plant that I also forgot to water on my desk. This year, I’ve already made it a point to walk out to buy my own lunch or eat out at local hawker joints. I can and I should be able to spare 30 minutes at lunch. The other day, I got busy and didn’t manage it and it sure did put me in a shit mood. So this is important!

Put a little colour into my wardrobe
It is really sad that my own husband thinks I am the dullest dresser on earth. He’s right though. I literally only own white, blacks and neutrals in my work wardrobe. I recently went to a conference in Hong Kong and when I was hanging up my outfits, I realised I literally only had black and whites. No wonder I was slowly getting depressed! So in 2014, I will endeavour to work a bit of colour into my wardrobe. I’ve already started with some prints… I’m still pairing these with blacks but hey, slow and steady. I’ll get there. Naomi wears enough colour for the both of us!

And the most important mini resolution under my main resolution…

Get rid of the mummy guilt
I spend way too much time wondering if I’m doing an okay job as a mum. I’m either at work and beating myself up about that, or I am rushing home and wondering if I’m doing things right. This year, I’ll do the best I can AND spend some time on myself. Recently, I took my mountain bike out a few times for a few hours here and there and realised I was a much better mother when I got back to the girls. No more guilt. Or at least, I’m going to make a conscious effort not to lay it on too thick!

That’s about it. Like I said, there’s nothing huge up there by way of goals but I think all the above is going to make me a healthier, happier person in 2014.


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  1. Chetz says:

    Naomi wears enough colour for the both of you… #lololololololololololol

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