When I was little, I’d cycle around my neighbourhood each day at 6pm. I had a white bicycle that my parents got me from Toys ‘R Us – my second bicycle after I outgrew my first yellow BMX – and I used to pretend it was a horse that would take me to faraway places. The furthest-away place would usually be the grocery shop at our neighbouring condo, where I’d usually take my pennies to for a ‘rosicle’ ice-lolly. I called my ‘horse’, Ginger. In my head, it was brown with a ginger main when in real life it was white with pink bits.

Fast forward many decades later and my horse is a bit of a black beauty.

This badass baby is… well, not that badass. It is made of scandium and I named it ‘Goat’ a long time ago because of its ability to make me feel like I can climb really well on it. I am glad to report that I am back on Goat and enjoying my rides. The #newyearsresolution was to ride once a fortnight. Let’s hope I can stick to this. It really is great being back out there!

Which leads me to the Salomon hydration pack which I just got from World of Sports. I’ve owned a couple of hydration packs in my lifetime but they’ve not surprisingly died on me. This was a very timely gift! I definitely need something that could carry my water but also something I could carry my equipment in.


As you can probably tell from the high quality pictures, I was riding with my Sony Nex C3 which was safely tucked in a pocket at the front of the pack so it was accessible to me at all times.


Usually, most sports bags don’t quite fit my tiny frame but these straps are just like life jacket straps. All I had to do was yank on them to give the bag a snug fit. Easy peasy.


And of course, the most important feature…. Water. The bag carries enough water for me on a 3-hour trail ride and provides easy access so I can focus on the trail. With past hydration packs, I’ve found that the bladder easily leaked into the bag but this one does not. It also has a clearly separated section to the rest of the bag so there was no chance of my other bits and bobs getting wet. Oh, and I need to try it out but I think if I put ice into the bladder, there’s probably a thermal thingamajig that keeps the water cold too!

Watch this space. Very chuffed with fab bag.

But even more chuffed that I’ve been out already this year! Not too shabby for a first month :)

As long as I can, I will.

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  1. Chetz says:

    Fill with Hendricks G&T? Waahahahaha

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