So it’s been such a very long time since I wrote that I wonder if anyone even visits this site anymore.

The truth is, I am very far removed from my blog these days – possibly because I’m hardly ever at my computer when I’m not working. I throw every moment I can into my kids or doing something to enrich my marriage. Hubba and I go on more dates now than we ever have, only because we feel such a great need to spend quality conversation time in and around being hard worker bees and being as great a pair of parents that we can be.

It’s funny thinking about the days when we used to go for training after work and get ourselves all fit and able. These days, the thought of snuggling up and watching an episode of Scandal over a glass of wine is the bees knees. And we eat like absolute kings as if we’re compensating for how much we have to live life. How times have really changed.

Speaking of memories… I dreamt about Malvern last night. I flew for the first time in forever in my dreams.. Except I couldn’t quite remember Malvern. I couldn’t quite remember the building and Willows and everything I knew for those two years. Is it because so much time has passed us by?

I must bombard Wei with questions tomorrow when she comes over for Nae’s party….


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