I have the urge to write and I’m not sure why.

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that so much as happened in the first quarter and because of this I feel the need to document it. Not that anyone would care really, but it really has been pretty extraordinary.

Charly turned one. I remember Naomi’s first birthday like it was yesterday so this was such a big milestone for us. The little one has turned into a funny little character and we just adore her. There is never a dull day with this one! She is cruising around like crazy and the level of comprehension she has is astounding – we can have full blown conversations with her, except she’s just answering with a whole range of different ahhhh!’s She also adores her big sister and wants to do everything Nae is doing. She has a thing about Che Che wearing shoes and her going barefoot!

Nae is three. For months we told her she would have to give up her pacifiers on the eve of her third birthday – And guess what? She did with no fuss. We made a song and dance out of the process, as any parent would do, and since then she’s not talked about her pacifiers at all. She also declared she wanted to put on her big girl pants, and she’s also come to the nail salon with me and sat there chatting with me whilst I had my gellish done for an upcoming work trip. She’s become such a little buddy of mine.


And then there’s me. I think I could sincerely put my hand on my heart and say that if the year came to an end right now, I’d be happy with where I am with the resolutions I made at the turn of the year. Yes, they weren’t life changing but I wanted more time to be the old me… I’m not doing too shabbily.

I am back on my bike and have found my legs. I am also doing Muay Thai again – something Nae says she wants to do when she’s a big girl so she can be just like me! I’ve been eating properly so I am gaining a bit of weight which is good. Hubba and I have made more of an effort to focus on our family and on us when I am not at work… All’s good. I just need to find time for family and friends, but all in good time I am telling myself. I have been fixing myself first and my head is in a better place than it was. Could also be because I am finally sleeping a bit more as well!

Perhaps if there is something I feel I need to do for the moment….

I want to read. I want to write. This is what I want.

Come on, Janice. Give me another milestone!

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  1. Serene says:

    Janice! Keep writing! Miss ya blogs! @juzser – instagram

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