This is probably the best photo I have ever taken in my history with photography. It was taken at Stanley Park in Vancouver last month, when Hubba and I went for a long walk together. We did lots of that. Walking. And sitting on benches.

I find that hilarious – that our pastime of choice was sitting on benches. My theory is that sitting on benches is only for older people or those with children – it’s like a passage of time thing… The seasons of your life. I don’t ever recall us sitting or contemplating as much when we were in Scotland together. We were always off doing or seeing something.

I like it though. And I like that we do it together.

One Response to My Best Subject

  1. Bee says:

    I feel that sitting around on benches, drinking in the beauty of your surroundings, is one of the best things about traveling. Even better, if you have a like-minded companion with you. :-)

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