There are indeed many lessons to be learned from being on the bike.

For one, that almost anything in life is relative. Something may seem really hard on one day, then lot easier the next – and only because you’ve tried something even harder that day.

A month ago, we were riding up to the base of Mt Fromme and it felt so steep that I panted so hard and I felt like my heart was going to stop. My legs burned so bad and no amount of zig zagging made it any easier. We then spent a lot of the day climbing the mountain just so we could ride down it. Gracie reckoned we’d done a total of about 12km uphill that morning.

Today, I ride up the usual roads I take to get to the trail and it feels like no effort at all – yet I was huffing and puffing up these roads before our trip. 

I suppose the real lesson is you don’t know what you’re truly capable of until you push that much harder and suffer a little. Innit.


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