IMG_6566It’s been an incredible three months. 

The past 90 days have been spent doing things I’ve not had the time to do – recharging, recalibrating and just generally thinking about how to live life better. I’ve been to the bank, I’ve re-organised our home life, I’ve spent a heap of time with our girls, I’ve relooked at our family priorities and thought about what I need to do better, both personally and professionally. It has been a most enriching three months, indeed.

What I’ve learnt

  • There are always going to be more things I need to do for the family – Give myself more leeway in the future. The most important item on that To Do list is the TIME I can spend with the girls, talking, laughing and just being.
  • Aim for what is achievable and SUSTAINABLE – Do go for those 20 minute jogs in the morning instead of aiming for the sky with 6.30am or 9.30pm Muay Thai classes, which require more time and money behind them.
  • The saddle is a happy place. You’re obviously not going to manage riding 2-3 times a week once you’re back at work so give yourself a cheer – HOORAY – whenever you manage your weekly mountain bike ride. It is, in fact, a luxury. But do try to do this weekly, come rain or shine.


  • Skill is key. You don’t have to hit the trail hard to find that feel good sweet spot. Sometimes a good skills session is way more satisfying.
  • Scotch is amazing when you want to relax but not all the time. Sometimes, a good night’s SLEEP does wonders.
  • Your body IS a temple. Fill it with GOOD FUEL if you want to perform well. Bright coloured vegetable and fruit, fish, lots of water.. Comfort is a long-term thing.
  • The girls are way happier when you are HAPPY.
  •  Your HOME is where your heart is.

And lastly, though you will….

Never, ever doubt.