It’s been something like five years since I felt like someone who’s been active. People always assume I’m very fit and it makes me laugh since I’ve hardly been doing anything since the kids came along. Yes, I bike but it’s more for the thrill than for fitness and I don’t get out there long enough for it to be counted as exercise.

The past couple of weeks I’ve started to try and get off my arse. And I am happy to report that today, for the first time in a LONG time, I actually felt like going for a run after work. It was a very short run but I was so pleased that I got out there.

  1. Sat: 1 km swim
  2. Thurs: 14.4km off road ride x 2
  3. Fri: 3km run

Let’s see it I manage my swim tomorrow. If I do, it will have been my most active week in five years.

… and now that I have written about it, I can’t not do it!

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