Two weeks ago I did something I’ve not done before.

I packed up my bike and travelled to the other side of the world for an outdoor adventure with two of my best gal pals. We spent the week in California, chilling, hanging and riding together every single day. I mean I’ve gone on adventures before but always with Hubba – he’s always my partner in crime. I missed him and the girls lots but this trip with just two kindred spirits was seriously good for me.

While I do feel the entire trip warrants a post or three, this isn’t about what we did or where we went. It’s about how I feel right now. Right this second.

It’s a funny thing, travel. It plucks you out of your every day humdrum. It gives you the pattern interrupt you need to realise what’s missing.

Now don’t think for one second that this is all about how I hate my everyday existence – it isn’t. But the Me-Time definitely did something for the soul. For a start, it made me realise I was.. well, a little soul-less. I realised that I no longer sang along to songs that I knew in front of people, I would keep silent as they spoke excitedly about new songs they loved. I silently felt sad that the last songs played in my Spotify list were Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles – PG pop that I’d started to introduce to my girls.

It made me feel a little sad, to be honest. Anyone who knows the Janice growing up would remember the girl with a million CDs, who’d strum on the guitar or sing along excitedly to great tunes. What happened? Where has my voice gone? I think I realised I’ve kind of just started existing.

Each day I felt like I had time to reflect on this and how much I missed singing along to life’s best music. I missed contributing to conversation because of fire inside of me. I needed to find that fire again. And well, I’m pretty sure I did coz I’m feeling pretty damn amazing and passionate about life at the moment.

Interestingly though, without going into too much detail about what I’ve learnt on the trip about myself, what I need to apply in my life etc, I’ve noticed something quite interesting….

I wear a lot less make-up and fuss about my general appearance a lot less when I’m happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of girls love dolling themselves up and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just has never been me. But of late, I’ve been purchasing lip kits (many of them) and thinking I need lash extensions so I look more presentable.

I mean check this out… for someone who never wore a lot of make-up to begin with, this is a bit daft…

Each time I come back from an adventure, I realise I don’t want any of that. I want to be as bare faced as possible. I feel like living in sports clothes and casuals. And something in me just feels a lot more.. free.

Maybe it’s all the air and all the sun and all the perspective. I realise that the happy me inside is a bare faced freckle monster with schnauzer-brows :)

I feel a bit sorry for my lip kits for now… Ah well, I’m sure they’ll come out soon enough, when I’m feeling like I need to distract the world from what I’m feeling.

For now, I’m happy they’re on the shelf.

…. thoughts on the actual trip and awesome riding to come.

6 Responses to The happy inside has a bare face

  1. Orientalflower says:

    Schnauzer brows?

  2. John says:

    The best post since “Of Time Warps and Trinket Boxes”, along with “Katy Caterpillar”.

    Waaaaay too good to “give up the ghost” and decamp to Snapchat.

    Stay with us, and never forget “the soft wind that whistles out on the plain”.

    • Janice says:

      John!!!!! I can’t believe you still come here after so long… And even more so that you remember so many old posts… Thanks for commenting!

  3. cherieladie says:

    You have always been sweet looking to me and I would always remember the bare-face with cute freckles girl in sports gear Janice that I used to read from a long time ago. Glad that you found yourself back and I always love how travelling sometimes, bring us back to the real ‘reality’.

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