I never used to be one for making New Year’s resolutions. Like the little girl in the video, it seemed odd to me that anyone would want to make a list of tasks that they would then procrastinate on for a whole 365 days… But I have to say in recent years, I’ve really started to look forward to reviewing the year, seeing what I’ve achieved personally and thinking about how to better myself in the next year. Of course my goals have been very big, blue sky and thus some might say ‘easy to achieve’ – But isn’t the whole point of New Year’s resolutions to keep yourself in check so you can keep improving?

2016 was yet another year of self-discovery, awareness and healing. Don’t ask me why I’ve managed to work myself up into such a state over the past decade but I have. Stress does manifest physically. I found myself battling chronic neck and back problems this year, all because I don’t breathe enough and because I hold a lot. Yes, ridiculous isn’t it. But madam here goes to bed and stops breathing, and as a result I wake up feeling like I’ve slept on rocks. I need to learn to let go before I find myself battling deeper and darker ailments.

Needless to say, it has been a big year. Work wise lots was achieved and I’m very proud of where the team is at the moment. Our little family has really grown into itself and the moments we share are priceless. I went on an unforgettable bike trip with two of my best friends and learnt a lot about the bike and myself. I’ve picked up a new activity that will hopefully continue to help me become a more calm, balanced and less anxious person.  

How did I do on 2016 resolutions? My palms are pretty much close to the ground now (yay), I’m drinking a lot more water than I did before and I’ve definitely taken more photos with my silver fox. There were two I didn’t do so well with and that I need to work on – less screen time before bed and praying more. 

In 2017, I will…

  • Learn to BREATHE and LET THINGS GO… and not to care or worry so much
  • Get myself STRONGER and to improve my SPINAL HEALTH & FLEXIBILITY
  • Be less dependent on the Internet – I realise that sometimes.. ok a lot of the time, WORK OR MESSAGES CAN WAIT

Have you thought about how you’ll be approaching the new year? 

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