The weekend has landed and I couldn’t be more relieved.

It’s been a really long and aside from the fact that my head needs a break, the creak in my back is getting a little hard to bear. Today, my right foot actually went dead during a few meetings and I had to either straighten them out in front of me (in front of other meeting attendees), stand up and do a little tap dance or wiggle my butt furiously in my chair until some sort of sensation returned to my leg. Something tells me tomorrow’s MRI is going to say I need a series of physiotherapy sessions asap and a whole new regime to ensure I keep my core muscles strong. Don’t wanna be turning into the humpback of notre dame anytime soon. My mate G and I have decided to look into doing some yoga together so I don’t end up becoming a fatty catty like little Sally boo. Much research needed.

Speaking of G, we did a very girly-friend thing last night which was quite intriguing seeing as how we’re quite an un-girly duo. With both the husbands suitably engaged in work, we made a trip down to Artisan Sweets at Henry Park and filled our pockets with salty caramel macaroons and delicious cupcakes. Lots of mmm-ing and bum wiggling involved during the dessert tasting process. Stuffed me gob so full of sweeties that I was literally on a sugar high all evening – hence the research into WordPress migration, contemplating the crossroads of my life and actually starting a whole new diary for the future. I realized I was getting too used to simply posting pictures up from my phone and the words had all escaped me.

I’ve been getting writer’s block a lot lately and this to me is a very sad affair. Whatever happened to all the words? I miss them now.

In random news, little Sally’s stitches came out today so she’s no longer a frankenstein but is back to being a frankfurter. *chortle*

back to being a happy sausage

7 Responses to Where Art Thou, Words?

  1. rachel says:

    :) move/change is good! A breathe of fresh air!

    the words will come back Jan!

    update about your MRI, keeping you in my prayers!

  2. yay for wordpress! your site is looking good

  3. Most troublesome having to check WordPress now!

  4. Cass says:

    There’s nothing like hanging with gfs to chill out over dessert! Potent combination, if you ask me =p

    PS. Love your new banner, very pretty!!! :)

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