It was supposed to be an evening filled with friends, beer, music, chats – out and about somewhere where we usually wouldn’t be at.

Pattern interrupt.

A term Hubba once taught me way back when we were dating and I needed something to take my mind away from the constant churn that was the newsroom. In those days, I hardly had any hobbies except drinking. My body had forgotten how to dance, my voice had forgotten how to sing, and all I knew was work and Friday night clubbing. I thought Singapore was plain and boring. I didn’t know what it had to offer. Ah, I was a young fool.

Tonight was Hubba’s turn to ‘pattern interrupt’. Both school and work have taken him away from me and the doggies lately, and any time he has had has usually been spent at home, trying to catch up with family, or chores, or love. He’s been trying to keep up with the normalities. He doesn’t even have time to cycle anymore, the one thing he loves most to do in the world. So over a couple of sweet macaroons, Gracie and I had an epiphany: That Hubba needed a good ol’ kick in the ‘patterned’ arse.

The answer was simple: An impromptu evening out with a couple of friends he hardly gets to see.

But as it happened, the evening didn’t quite turn up like how I’d planned. The couple of mates that I’d asked out all suddenly couldn’t make it for various reasons and we ended up pattern interrupting on our own. But you know what?

Although the evening started out as Hubba’s evening, it became mine as well.

We started off with a quiet ramen for two, then a short gaiks in a mall we’d not been to yet, and then we rounded it off with a pint at KPO. At first I worried about the night being a bit of a failure, but then I realized we hadn’t had an evening out together and alone like this in a really long time.

And it was really lovely :)

On the way out of the bar…

J: Eh, I saw a lady ‘bio-ing’ you on the way out.

A: Wow, really? Was she ‘chio’ or not?

J: Yeah, she was actually. Chinese ‘chio’ with pale white skin. She was wearing quite a nice, black dress too.

A: Wow, that hasn’t happened in a really long time.

J: Don’t be silly, it happens all the time. You just don’t notice coz it’s usually me who’s doing it…

A: :)

We should have more evenings like this. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…

Editor’s note: Boy, am I full on Singaporean now or what?!

4 Responses to A date

  1. karen says:

    sweet post :)
    jan, would like to thank u indirectly for chipping into the success of my recent launch campaign.
    oops…i hope u know what i’m toking about 8)
    cheers, karen!

  2. Joan says:

    I like this! Pattern interrupt! We need that once in a while, and thanks for the reminder!

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