My boy has a habit of searching out slimey friends every morning.

Every morning, Rosco will run from tree to tree looking for lizards. He gets really excited and barks if he manages to see one. Once in awhile, he’ll almost get one and get even more excited.

It’s adorable.

8 Responses to Lizard Hunter

  1. Irene says:

    nice to have a “lizard hunter” haha. i am terrified by lizards & will set up traps so that it wont get too messy.
    P/S : oh ya, just a side-note, i am following you in twitters as iring.. in case you are wondering who is it. juz added so i thought it will be better to identify myself :)

  2. weknowyouwanna says:

    hi Janice, i see u’ve moved the blog.

    wanted to browse thru your archives.
    but i couldnt get ’em.

    i remember seeing this post where u and your hubby went jogging/cycling at some forest looking ground, and u stumbled upon a tomb or sort on the ground.

    just wondering if u rem where that is. that looked like a ncie spot for photography.
    appreciate if u could reply on this!


  3. Althea says:

    So cute and brave… Wish that could be the same for my dog. Sad to say, Kenshin is terrified of lizards, cockroaches and rats.

  4. Jem says:

    I’m prolly late but really love the new layout babe!

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