I have the urge to write and I’m not sure why.

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that so much as happened in the first quarter and because of this I feel the need to document it. Not that anyone would care really, but it really has been pretty extraordinary.

Charly turned one. I remember Naomi’s first birthday like it was yesterday so this was such a big milestone for us. The little one has turned into a funny little character and we just adore her. There is never a dull day with this one! She is cruising around like crazy and the level of comprehension she has is astounding – we can have full blown conversations with her, except she’s just answering with a whole range of different ahhhh!’s She also adores her big sister and wants to do everything Nae is doing. She has a thing about Che Che wearing shoes and her going barefoot!

Nae is three. For months we told her she would have to give up her pacifiers on the eve of her third birthday – And guess what? She did with no fuss. We made a song and dance out of the process, as any parent would do, and since then she’s not talked about her pacifiers at all. She also declared she wanted to put on her big girl pants, and she’s also come to the nail salon with me and sat there chatting with me whilst I had my gellish done for an upcoming work trip. She’s become such a little buddy of mine.


And then there’s me. I think I could sincerely put my hand on my heart and say that if the year came to an end right now, I’d be happy with where I am with the resolutions I made at the turn of the year. Yes, they weren’t life changing but I wanted more time to be the old me… I’m not doing too shabbily.

I am back on my bike and have found my legs. I am also doing Muay Thai again – something Nae says she wants to do when she’s a big girl so she can be just like me! I’ve been eating properly so I am gaining a bit of weight which is good. Hubba and I have made more of an effort to focus on our family and on us when I am not at work… All’s good. I just need to find time for family and friends, but all in good time I am telling myself. I have been fixing myself first and my head is in a better place than it was. Could also be because I am finally sleeping a bit more as well!

Perhaps if there is something I feel I need to do for the moment….

I want to read. I want to write. This is what I want.

Come on, Janice. Give me another milestone!

Evening thoughts on a random night in 2014

So it’s been such a very long time since I wrote that I wonder if anyone even visits this site anymore.

The truth is, I am very far removed from my blog these days – possibly because I’m hardly ever at my computer when I’m not working. I throw every moment I can into my kids or doing something to enrich my marriage. Hubba and I go on more dates now than we ever have, only because we feel such a great need to spend quality conversation time in and around being hard worker bees and being as great a pair of parents that we can be.

It’s funny thinking about the days when we used to go for training after work and get ourselves all fit and able. These days, the thought of snuggling up and watching an episode of Scandal over a glass of wine is the bees knees. And we eat like absolute kings as if we’re compensating for how much we have to live life. How times have really changed.

Speaking of memories… I dreamt about Malvern last night. I flew for the first time in forever in my dreams.. Except I couldn’t quite remember Malvern. I couldn’t quite remember the building and Willows and everything I knew for those two years. Is it because so much time has passed us by?

I must bombard Wei with questions tomorrow when she comes over for Nae’s party….


The Fangtastic Sisters


My girls have really been keeping me sane – It has been such a blessing spending time with them and watching them grow into the inseparable pair that they are.

Just over the weekend, I turned back to look at them in the car whilst Hubba was driving and I found them holding hands. It was such a beautiful moment.

There’s not much time for very much at the moment.

But there’s always time for them.

I love them so very much.

On another note… I can’t believe it’s going to be April soon! #birthdayscoming


Biking – Saturday, 18 January

A morning in pictures.


My Horse named “Ginger” and the Salomon hydration pack

When I was little, I’d cycle around my neighbourhood each day at 6pm. I had a white bicycle that my parents got me from Toys ‘R Us – my second bicycle after I outgrew my first yellow BMX – and I used to pretend it was a horse that would take me to faraway places. The furthest-away place would usually be the grocery shop at our neighbouring condo, where I’d usually take my pennies to for a ‘rosicle’ ice-lolly. I called my ‘horse’, Ginger. In my head, it was brown with a ginger main when in real life it was white with pink bits.

Fast forward many decades later and my horse is a bit of a black beauty.

This badass baby is… well, not that badass. It is made of scandium and I named it ‘Goat’ a long time ago because of its ability to make me feel like I can climb really well on it. I am glad to report that I am back on Goat and enjoying my rides. The #newyearsresolution was to ride once a fortnight. Let’s hope I can stick to this. It really is great being back out there!

Which leads me to the Salomon hydration pack which I just got from World of Sports. I’ve owned a couple of hydration packs in my lifetime but they’ve not surprisingly died on me. This was a very timely gift! I definitely need something that could carry my water but also something I could carry my equipment in.


As you can probably tell from the high quality pictures, I was riding with my Sony Nex C3 which was safely tucked in a pocket at the front of the pack so it was accessible to me at all times.


Usually, most sports bags don’t quite fit my tiny frame but these straps are just like life jacket straps. All I had to do was yank on them to give the bag a snug fit. Easy peasy.


And of course, the most important feature…. Water. The bag carries enough water for me on a 3-hour trail ride and provides easy access so I can focus on the trail. With past hydration packs, I’ve found that the bladder easily leaked into the bag but this one does not. It also has a clearly separated section to the rest of the bag so there was no chance of my other bits and bobs getting wet. Oh, and I need to try it out but I think if I put ice into the bladder, there’s probably a thermal thingamajig that keeps the water cold too!

Watch this space. Very chuffed with fab bag.

But even more chuffed that I’ve been out already this year! Not too shabby for a first month :)

As long as I can, I will.

My New Year’s Resolutions

I realise it’s a little late to be contemplating my resolutions for the year but I figured I ought to put them down somewhere before I completely forget them altogether. By that, one would probably gather that my resolutions aren’t all that massive. They’re actually really bitty, unlike most people who may have mountains to climb, cancers to cure or lots of Christmas pudding they want to shed.


I’m keeping it simple. Here is my overarching resolution:

I want to get a bit more out of life this year.

I really don’t mean that having an amazing baby, becoming a mother of two, getting an incredible amount of satisfaction from what I was doing from work was at all uneventful. 2013 was definitely a mammoth year in those aspects. But like any new mother, I got a little lost. There were times when I’d just completely forget about myself… for days or even weeks. And when I finally remembered to think about me, it was a little too late and I’d be in a mess. How did I lose the baby weight? Pure stress, a lack of sleep, too much coffee which killed my appetite and really not a lot to eat at all. It wasn’t healthy and I didn’t feel good.

So yes, more out of life. I’d like to:

Make time for little breaks – no matter how small
I don’t think I left my desk at all last quarter. I had days when I’d completely forget to drink water or go to the toilet and I’d just literally be at my desk all day. Needless to say, a little part of me died along with the plant that I also forgot to water on my desk. This year, I’ve already made it a point to walk out to buy my own lunch or eat out at local hawker joints. I can and I should be able to spare 30 minutes at lunch. The other day, I got busy and didn’t manage it and it sure did put me in a shit mood. So this is important!

Put a little colour into my wardrobe
It is really sad that my own husband thinks I am the dullest dresser on earth. He’s right though. I literally only own white, blacks and neutrals in my work wardrobe. I recently went to a conference in Hong Kong and when I was hanging up my outfits, I realised I literally only had black and whites. No wonder I was slowly getting depressed! So in 2014, I will endeavour to work a bit of colour into my wardrobe. I’ve already started with some prints… I’m still pairing these with blacks but hey, slow and steady. I’ll get there. Naomi wears enough colour for the both of us!

And the most important mini resolution under my main resolution…

Get rid of the mummy guilt
I spend way too much time wondering if I’m doing an okay job as a mum. I’m either at work and beating myself up about that, or I am rushing home and wondering if I’m doing things right. This year, I’ll do the best I can AND spend some time on myself. Recently, I took my mountain bike out a few times for a few hours here and there and realised I was a much better mother when I got back to the girls. No more guilt. Or at least, I’m going to make a conscious effort not to lay it on too thick!

That’s about it. Like I said, there’s nothing huge up there by way of goals but I think all the above is going to make me a healthier, happier person in 2014.