What a different a year makes 


Time has really flown by this year. I can’t believe it’s time to think about resolutions again! The one thing I will say is more than ever, I love being a mom. It is the one thing that is on my mind each and every day. And it truly is a blessing. 

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She bikes. She bikes. 


12.12.15. The day our first little one – my little bug – took off on first wheels like a little champ. She’s wanted to ride for awhile now but never stuck at it long enough to really go.  This Saturday afternoon was a gloomy and wet one, and I fell asleep myself whilst trying to put Charly down for a more »

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By the Sea


We’ve been making more of an effort recently to spend time as a family – that’s right, with the Longbottoms too. So we did a picnic by the beach which was honestly the nicest family activity we’ve ever done together! The doggies got to run, Rosco swam his little otter legs out, Sally tempura-ed in the sand as she always more »

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