It’s all relative

There are indeed many lessons to be learned from being on the bike.

For one, that almost anything in life is relative. Something may seem really hard on one day, then lot easier the next – and only because you’ve tried something even harder that day.

A month ago, we were riding up to the base of Mt Fromme and it felt so steep that I panted so hard and I felt like my heart was going to stop. My legs burned so bad and no amount of zig zagging made it any easier. We then spent a lot of the day climbing the mountain just so we could ride down it. Gracie reckoned we’d done a total of about 12km uphill that morning.

Today, I ride up the usual roads I take to get to the trail and it feels like no effort at all – yet I was huffing and puffing up these roads before our trip. 

I suppose the real lesson is you don’t know what you’re truly capable of until you push that much harder and suffer a little. Innit.


Charlotte’s 1st Year


Janice (unedited)-85

I’ve always intended to put one of these together for Charly but life does sweep you away sometimes. So thanks to a kind reminder from my Mum and a few here and there from my Dad, I’ve gotten my act together and done a one year video compilation – similar to the one I did for Nae shortly after her 1st birthday.

It’s so funny to see how different they are, yet so alike. I don’t know if that makes any sense when I say it but in my head it sure does. While Nae was a happy baby in her own right, Charly just seems to be a ball of laughter. And they’re both such sweethearts. There’s little doubt that their parents love them oh, so much. That they are just loved oh, so much. And I hope one day when they look back on these videos, that’s the one thing they take away – with no mistake at all about it.


Meanwhile, a little tip of the day… I’ve discovered the Peekaboo Moments app which is just the coolest thing since sliced bread. It’s an online baby journal which magically logs the date stamps on all your photos and puts them all in a timeline for you so you can always refer to how they looked or sounded like at any given milestone. And trusted family and friends can input into the timeline too, so you never miss a moment. Best app find for all tech-dependent mums and very eager family!

Missing the mountains

It's really hard not to think about Vancouver and miss it a lot.

Is it possible to be soul mates with a place? When I close my eyes and think of the mountains and the clouds, the people and their kindness, the trees and the soul of the forest, it just brings me to a really happy place. I suppose that's a good thing. To have a happy place you can go to in your memories.

This photograph makes me laugh. We'd gone for a little walk that evening and stopped at the bottle shop to get some vino for the dinner that we were going to make in the apartment. Yup, we thought making dinner would be a romantic thing to do seeing as we hardly ever do it back in Singapore anymore! I love that the bottle looks like it's bowing its head in the same direction as Andrew. Deep in contemplation. You know, 'coz life's so hard.

Sigh. Is it possible to be soul mates with a place?

Days go by my window,
World slows down as it goes,
Goodbye to last night,
Lost my eyesight,
Can’t you help me see?

Loving every minute ‘coz you make me feel so alive, alive
Loving every minute ‘coz you make me feel so alive, alive

My Little Dollies

This morning, Charly pointed at her sister's lap and made some 'I want to sit there' noises.

Being the great big sister that she is, Nae obliged and crossed her legs so her little sister could nestle into her lap.

This was a shot I snapped shortly after she'd parked her little chubby bottom down in Nae's lap.

I can't believe how big my little dollies are getting. Soon, I'll have babies no more!



Scenes from BC

  • sun setting behind the bike room
    sun setting behind the bike room
  • commercial drive hipster-ness
    commercial drive hipster-ness
  • mmmmmm, lavender
    mmmmmm, lavender
  • norma & gracie outside the foundation
    norma & gracie outside the foundation
  • natural gortex
    natural gortex
  • hello solman
    hello solman
  • just. gorgeous.
    just. gorgeous.
  • ahhh, vancouver
    ahhh, vancouver
  • cute little gas town
    cute little gas town
  • taking it all in
    taking it all in
  • walking in stanley park
    walking in stanley park
  • how can such beauty be natural
    how can such beauty be natural
  • where's wally
    where's wally
  • the night i looked up and admired a crane
    the night i looked up and admired a crane
  • saying goodbye to whistler
    saying goodbye to whistler
  • driving around the city
    driving around the city
  • bikes, bikes, everywhere
    bikes, bikes, everywhere
  • cute little strathcona
    cute little strathcona

My Best Subject

This is probably the best photo I have ever taken in my history with photography. It was taken at Stanley Park in Vancouver last month, when Hubba and I went for a long walk together. We did lots of that. Walking. And sitting on benches.

I find that hilarious – that our pastime of choice was sitting on benches. My theory is that sitting on benches is only for older people or those with children – it’s like a passage of time thing… The seasons of your life. I don’t ever recall us sitting or contemplating as much when we were in Scotland together. We were always off doing or seeing something.

I like it though. And I like that we do it together.